Become an Introspective/ Awaken Love Coach

Become an Introspective/ Awaken Love Coach through The Introspective Love Work (ILW) Leadership Training Program 2021

ILW is a systemized way of Guiding clients through an Introspective process.
Exploring our Inner Landscape can be a vast and confusing process, but ILW provides a structured method to take on this Exploratory Transformative task.
I have been guiding clients in One on One ILW and am now offering this modality to fellow practitioners who are called to guide others along their Healing Journeys.
ILW is a compliment to your Counseling, Coaching, Astrology, Wellness or Spiritual Private Practice.
This program is about training Loving & Empowered Leaders during this time of Divine Feminine Re-Awakening and ReBalancing of Power on the Planet.
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