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    The Golden Womb Goddess

    Certified Practitioner Training!

  • Your certification Includes:


    Certified Doula

    A Doula Certification Course Created and facilitated by Nilajah Brown (a Midwife of Color and establisher of The Birth Well) who has been a Leader in Birth Work for decades.


    Yoni Womb Steam Facilitator

    This Ancient practice is about more than just sitting over a pot of herbs. Learn the rich history, practices and benefits of this Intimate blend of Hydrotherapy and Spiritual bathing.


    Womb Yoga Practitioner

    A Yoni Womb Yoga designed to aid you in faciliatating private yoga sessions with your clients toward Smooth Moods/ Hormonal regulation, Fertility, Womb Wellness and overall Healing/ Homeostasis.


    Womb Sacred Touch Practitioner

    A Healing Touch course through which you will learn/be refreshed on feminine anatomy and physiology, Indigenous Womb Healing protocols that aid your clients in their Emotional wellness, Fertility, Uterine and Digestive health.

  • Fall Session Dates

    Courses take place over weekends 5-7weekends

    Spring Session Dates TBD

    Certified Doula 

    Friday, December 3rd - Monday, December 6th, 2021


    Yoni Womb Steam Practitioner

    Part 1~ Saturday, November 13th

    Part 2 Sunday November 14th


    Yoni Womb Yoga Facilitator

    Part 1 Saturday, December 11th- Sunday 12th 2021

    Part 2 Monday December 20th


    Womb Sacred Touch Practitioner

    Part 1 Saturday, January 8th- Sunday 9th

    Part 2 Saturday 15th- Sunday 16h, 2022


  • ~Investment~

    Note: There will be Special Pricing for the October Cohort, In General Payment plans are extended up until a certain date prior to course start date.

    Full Program

    Certified Doula and Certified Womb Wellness Practitioner


    Complete Certification!

    Certified Doula Program

    (does not include Womb Wellness Cert)


    Become a Certified Doula

    Certified Womb Wellness Practitioner


    Become a Certified Womb Wellness Practitioner


    Complete program for the cost of just one! Space is Limited!


    Special Pricing for October 2021 start date

    Doula $750 (due by Oct.1)

    Womb Practitioner


  • Your Instructors for The Fall 2021 class

    Iya MahaliyaDara

    Womb Wellness Instructor

    Certified Abdominal/Womb & Fertility Massage Therapist, Developer of The Golden Womb Massage Technique™️

    My focus in terms of wellness is on Divine Feminine Vitality and to that end I have developed an Abdominal Womb Massage and Yoni Steam protocol as well as a Womb Yoga practice. My private practice is Womb Wellness centered which is the core of the well being of the Whole woman.I have designed the Womb wellness pillars (courses) of this program through my years of training, experience, and sheer delight in, passion for and devotion to this work.


    Birthwork Instructor

    Midwife, Founder of the Birth Well and Vibrate Higher. Shopkeeper at Flourish Baltimore

    Nilajah has long been a Birth Worker in our community. Serving as a Yogi and Doula and keeping some of our Indigenous Practices alive such as the Birth Blessinway ritual for pregnan Moms. She later went on to attend Midwifery school where she earned her title of Certified Midwife. Nilajah used her knowledge, experience and training to craft, create and develop a Doula Certification Program.

  • Culturally Competent and Continuing Enrichment

    In oder to continue growing and advancing in our field, we will provide on going coaching and enrichment opportunities for our Womb Wellness Practitioners.

    Continuing Education Workshops and Retreats

    ​Adding to your calabash

    It's important that we stay up to date with emerging information so as to remain relevant in our field and to be able to communicate competently with other Health care professionals on our clients' care team. To that end, there will be opportunities throughout the year to enrich ourselves and hone our craft. Some mandatory in keeping your certification up to date and some optional.
  • I want to enroll in the Full Program!
    Secure your Spot for the October Start with a $250 deposit: please use the "Friends & Family" method of payment on PayPal

    There is a promo cost of only $750 for the Certified Doula Course portion with your Registration into the Full Certified Womb Wellness Practitioner Program!

  • I only want to enroll in the Certified Womb Wellness Practitioner Course (Not the Certified Doula) please use the "Friends & Family" method of payment on PayPal

    $250 Deposit

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